Zip Top Yoga Bag

We’ve taken our Over The Shoulder Yoga Bag and added a little more room and a zipper to the top! The long zipper tail allows you to open the bag wide to get your mat in and out easily and it holds a block and towel comfortably.

Yoga Tote Grande

A large, roomy yoga bag that fits everything you need for class, zips on the top, lined with moisture wicking nylon and has several back pockets with one for your phone for easy on-the-go access. These big bags double as beach/pool bags—just swap out your mat for a towel or blanket and enjoy your day in the sun!

Yoga Tote Essentials

This is a roomy, single layer yoga bag with a large outer pocket for your mat and several pockets on the back, with one for your phone for quick access. This bags double as beach/pool bag—just swap out your mat for a towel or blanket and enjoy your day in the sun!

Over The Shoulder Yoga Bags

These roomy and stylish, shoulder yoga bag carries not just your mat but can fit your towel, a change of clothes, water bottle and more. Lined with nylon to wick away moisture. Comes with a pleated, zipper pocket to keep you things secure.
Yoga Mat Sling

Archer Yoga Bag

Perfect for the yogi walking or biking to practice and wants to be hands free. Has a zipper the length of the bag, lined with moisture wicking nylon. Available in a wide variety of ever changing prints and solids.